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You’re about to start playing RPG – and be the hero you always wanted to become!
A Tabletop Role-Playing Game is a game where you play a certain role of your choosing. You’ll be a hero in a world full of challenges, you’re going to seek adventures, fulfill quests, find treasures, meet new friends, battle monsters, and improve your skills in time!
Everything you need as an upcoming hero is right here! You have a pencil to write all the info down and a customized notebook, an amazing polyhedral dice set to use when creating and roleplaying your character, and a dice bag to store them inside. You even have a wooden level counter to know how much you’ve advanced! All this is in a sturdy box containing a basic glossary of the names and phrases worth knowing when you’re delving into the world of RPGs.
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Everything you need to start playing the world’s greatest roleplaying game. An ideal introduction to the world of Dungeons & Dragons, offering players and Dungeon Masters a turn key onboarding experience. This complete game experience contains everything you need to leap into adventure, including an adventure book with everything the Dungeon Master needs to get started.

Starter Set

D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons.

Whether you're playing remotely with friends or together at a kitchen table, access all of your D&D content anywhere you go— adventures, sourcebooks, character sheets, dungeon master tools, and more!

A Demiplane NEXUS gives you full digital content, rules search, interactive tooltips, and much more to come for the growing library of games on Demiplane. The Digital Reader and Game Compendium is perfect for any way you play, in person with friends or virtually online.
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These sites give essential tools and resources needed for players of any level. Adventures, rules, character sheet, digital tabletops, group and game master resources, and so much more.

Virtual Tabletops

Virtual tabletops are great when you aren't able to get together with your friends in person. Tabletop Simulators offers a vast collection of user-made content for running D&D, Pathfinder, and other tabletop RPG game sessions, from custom miniatures to 3D environments.
Easily create characters, organize games, purchase content, find players, and customize your story for your group – all in your browser.
Roll20® is the most complete solution for digital play. Access character sheets, tokens, rulebooks, dice, and more - with powerful tools to automate the tedious stuff.
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Foundry Virtual Tabletop is software that provides an innovative online role-playing experience. The software supports Windows, Mac, and Linux and allows you to self-host a game server that players connect to for free directly through a web browser.
StartPlaying is the largest online platform for players to find tabletop roleplaying games and professional GMs for any game system and any virtual tabletop! Are you looking to play D&D Online or find a virtual pathfinder 2e group? We're part D&D Group finder (amongst other games) and part games finder. Our professional dungeon masters and Game Masters are running games all over the world. Find a game that works for you and your schedule.

Gyld will increase real, in-person, interaction. There is something fundamentally different about meeting in-person. The in-person experience cannot be replaced by technology, so let’s use technology to make getting together easier.

Gyld is a marketplace for Players and Game Masters to connect with players and games. Hopefully it will increase the number of players, frequency and enjoyment of tabletop RPGs by eliminating the most difficult barrier to a successful game.

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Looking for group

Although there are plenty of games you can play solo, tabletop rpg's are not one of them. We have provided a few websites that are designed around finding a game master and group of people just like you. Looking for people that want to start playing but don't have a group.

Getting Started for Young  Adventurers

DnD is a fantastic learning tool that helps kids build confidence, collaboration skills and imagination. And, yes, there’s plenty of math built right in!  Each issue features a brand new adventure with original art and design, ecologically friendly printing, full color illustrations, maps and monsters! Perfect inspiration for young storytellers.

Other Popular Tabletop Role Playing Games

Pathfinder is a fantasy tabletop dice-based RPG, very similar to Dungeons & Dragons. Players will travel the world solving problems, unraveling mysteries, and collecting treasure. As you travel the world, you’ll encounter brutish monsters and deceitful traps, mysterious ancient ruins, and politically corrupt cities.

Pathfinder 1st Edition is based on D&D 3.5, while 2nd Edition Pathfinder diverges from the formula to be more unique. You can also take the ruleset out into the galaxy with Starfinder, a science fiction variation of Pathfinder.

A good scare is always a good time. Call of Cthulhu is the quintessential horror RPG dice game. Players take on the roles of investigators, scholars, and journalists who travel around the world, uncovering cults and conspiracies, and even otherworldly monsters. Unlike other dice RPGs, Call of Cthulhu focuses on the characters' psychological erosion as they uncover ghastly truths and oftentimes, players should run away rather than fight, giving Call of Cthulhu a distinctively terrifying vibe. Given its spooky atmosphere, it’s only appropriate that this polyhedral dice game got its namesake from an H.P. Lovecraft story.

From steampunk to cyberpunk, here’s a dice RPG game that’ll take you into the future. Players can create characters for all walks of nightlife. You’ll navigate the city’s social stratosphere as you fight for survival, interacting with gangsters, corporations, and everything in between. You’ll tackle various missions and jobs, with each player in your party bringing a different skill set to the table. This RPG dice game tackles all kinds of topics, ranging from unregulated capitalism to environmental devastation and the nature of humanity. Cyberpunk Red is just as topical and fun today as it was when its first edition came out back in 1988.

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