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Spell Prep Premium Dice Tray

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Do you have an amazing metal dice set, but don't want to damage your table?

Do you have premium dice such as gemstone or glass that you dare not use for fear of breaking them?

Do you want your rolls to have a little extra bounce for ultimate randomness?

Do you want epic and beautiful artwork that sets you apart at your gaming table?

Are you tired of chasing your dice all of the table when you make a roll?


It's Getting Dicey's Premium Dice Tray is the perfect addition for any gamer!  We have created the ultimate solution to those questions and more.  Our Premium Dice Trays not only look amazing with vibrant artwork from various artists, but they allow you to roll all of the dice in your collection safely.

With a thick neoprene base that absorbs the initial shock from the roll, you can safely use your most prized sets.  All the while protecting your table from the solid metal heavy dice.  On top of that our trays also give your dice a little bounce allowing for a true and random roll.  These Premium Dice Trays are built to last throughout your adventures. 

All designed and built to make your next game night a Critical Hit!



Inside: 9x6x1.25

Outside: 9.75x6.75x1.5

Warning: The neoprene base does cause an additional bounce when the dice are rolled. Tossing the dice at an abnormal height can cause the dice to bounce out of the tray.

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